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TAVOLA means 'table' in Italy and the grand oval table is a central showcase feature of your Italian dining at Beijing TAVOLA.

Unique Italian Dining
TAVOLA Italian Dining is an exclusive Italian restaurant offering authentic and modern Italian cooking. It provides a premium and private location, superior VIP rooms, an open Italian kitchen and a Central Showcase Dining Table. Our restaurant epitomises the essence of unique Italian dining.

Modern and Healthy Italian Cooking
Discover the real Italian cuisine...Best ingredients, new cooking techniques, natural process and the passion of our Chef Achille to give the original essence to all the dishes! Only Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil to respect the Healthy Mediterranean Diet.

Beijing TAVOLA Italian Dining is located at Liangmaqiao, in the embassy quarter of Beijing, close to the American Embassy. This favoured location serves the Hilton and other Five Star Hotels. Nearby is the Microsoft Plaza and other premium office buildings. Within walking distance is the Lufthansa Centre. Stroll around the city. Enjoy fine dining.

Savour the unique flavours of the best Italian cooking at Beijing TAVOLA, traditional and modern...

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